What makes us different?

A number of theatre companies perform plays to schools and community groups to raise awareness about particular issues. These are usually delivered to a large group of people and are often followed by a short facilitated workshop. However, the Interact Arts approach is different:

  • Vulnerable Groups – We specialise in working with targeted vulnerable groups, and have extensive experience of working with disengaged young people, the unemployed, and people with learning difficulties and disabilities.
  • Bespoke Workshops – Our workshops are tailor-made to address the specific needs of your organisation and the group, since we do not believe that ‘one size fits all’. We take time to discuss your particular needs to help us to plan and deliver a high quality workshop.
  • Smaller groups – Schools and organisations can target those individuals who will benefit most from the workshop. A smaller group size means we can give greater attention to individual needs.
  • Gain Skills – All of our workshops are about participants developing personal, social and emotional skills through our approach of ‘learning by doing’.
  • More in-depth – Our approach means we can get to the heart of issues and delver our workshops at a pace which is appropriate for the particular group.
  • Variety of Activities – We use games, activities, quizzes, observations, discussions and drama to address serious issues in a safe, non-threatening environment. People have fun and enjoy our workshops, which are never boring.
  • Full Participation – Our inclusive activities ensure that everyone is fully engaged in the workshop, rather than being overshadowed by more confident participants in a larger group. During our workshops, the participants create and perform their own short scenes – real experiential learning, which they remember.
  • ‘Keeping it real’ – We have a grounded team who are highly skilled, friendly, non-judgmental and approachable, and are not just ‘actors’. We are local people who have experienced many of the issues we address.
  • Short scenes not a long play – This means that we can get to the point quicker, which suits those who have shorter concentration spans. We break up the workshop by using a variety of different activities to hold the participants’ attention throughout.
  • Not just raising awareness– We raise awareness about issues, but go further and encourage participants to reflect on their own attitudes and behaviours, and think about changes that they might make in various situations.
  • Cost – As we are a local social enterprise and work with smaller, targeted groups, our charges are very competitive. This does not mean that we scrimp on quality! Our lead facilitator has been rated outstanding in 2012 and 2013 and feedback on our workshops has been ‘Excellent’.
  • Peer Education – As a follow-on to our workshops, we can deliver a longer project. This can result in a performance by the group, production of a DVD, or the group can devise and present a workshop for others.