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Our workshops and projects are fun, interactive and include a range of activities, to fully engage the participants and ensure that they have an enjoyable experience, whilst learning at the same time.
We create a welcoming, friendly, non-judgmental, safe environment where people feel comfortable. All of our team are ‘grounded’ in the real world, and have extensive experience of working with vulnerable people in various settings and / or a passion and interest in the performing arts.
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All sessions are planned and structured to meet the desired outcomes, but they are delivered in a flexible way to take account of the participants’ input and response, and to take advantage of opportunities for addressing additional outcomes.
This approach of ‘experiential learning’ is based on the principle that:
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We ensure that:

  • All sessions contain mainly practical activities to enable people to fully participate
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  • Sessions are fun and enjoyable
  • We develop innovative and inspiring programmes
  • People can develop their creative skills
  • People are involved in planning their learning
  • People are encouraged to take responsibility
  • People identify and use their current skills, and learn new skills
  • We encourage participants to reflect on what they have learned and identify areas for development
  • All activities are inclusive
  • People are treated with respect and respect others
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  • Activities meet individual needs and challenge participants
  • People are safe and feel safe
  • People’s achievements are recognised and celebrated
  • Our workshops and projects are delivered by an experienced drama practitioner / tutor, supported by actors and a team of volunteers as appropriate.
  • We deliver quality programmes and listen to feedback so that we constantly improve.

The methods we use:

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