Volunteers play an important role in the work of Interact Arts. We are committed to giving local people the opportunity to develop their skills and experience through their involvement as a volunteer. We ensure that all volunteers feel comfortable in whatever role they choose, but are also stimulated and challenged during their time with us. We provide individual support to our volunteers and make every effort to ensure that they feel part of our team and are fully involved in our work.

What will I gain from becoming a volunteer?

  • Real hands on experience
  • An opportunity to try new things YOU agree with the facilitator
  • Learning new skills
  • Training
  • Possibility of paid work with us in the future (depending on experience and confidence to lead on workshops or small projects)
  • have some fun and be part of a friendly team
  • ................and much more
Some of our current volunteers started off by taking part in one of our workshops or projects, and enjoyed their experience so much that they wanted to give something back to their community.

What types of volunteer opportunities do we offer?

We are flexible about the roles that our volunteers take. Some examples of possible opportunities are:
  • Actors for role play (usually those studying Performing Arts, or with experience in this area)
  • Technical students to support, design and operate sound and lighting equipment for bigger projects
  • Volunteers to assist the facilitator with projects and workshops and to provide support and encouragement for the participants
  • Film and Photography students interested in building their portfolios
  • Producing promotional and marketing materials, press releases etc.
  • Understanding and practical use of Social Media
  • IT skills to assist updating our website

What do we expect from our volunteers?

We only recruit volunteers who share our commitment to making a difference to people’s lives, who are friendly and approachable, and able to relate in a positive way to the people with whom we work.
If you are interested in joining our team, we will ask you to complete a short simple form about what you can bring to us and what you would like to get from being a volunteer. We can meet with you for a coffee and informal chat before we both decide if any of our future workshops and projects may be of interest to you.

Want to become a volunteer or have any further questions? If you have any questions then please complete our contact form for further information or e-mail volunteers@interact-arts.org.uk

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Having worked for many organisations, recruiting and supporting volunteers, Frank knows the great contribution that volunteers can make to an organisation. He says:
‘ We ensure that our volunteers are given the opportunity to say what they wish to gain from their experience with Interact Arts and to utilise their skills. We value those who freely give their time and we are committed to ensuring that they get something out of their experience with us, whether that be gaining practical experience, confidence building, refreshing old skills or learning new ones, and much more. We promote a fun, safe, friendly and inclusive environment where everyone’s opinion and contribution is welcomed and valued’

Here’s what some of our previous volunteers have said:

I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering for Interact Arts! I have worked with them on two projects; both of which I found truly rewarding and fun! Interact Arts are evidently doing great things in the community and I am happy to be a part of this! I am excited for future opportunities with Interact Arts .

Nadine Nelson 2014

Frank has a great ability to inspire and lead participants through fun and interesting drama workshops and ensure that everyone is welcomed and involved throughout. I am loving the opportunities Interact Arts provides for everyone involved, and hope to work on many more successful projects in the future!

It is great to be a part of this organisation, as the workshops are of a high standard and well-structured and utilises my skills as a performer, I have freedom to explore the topics we are presenting with great support and guidance.

Chanelle Shea-Calvin 2014

All the projects I have worked on so far have been a great learning curve and really enjoyable, and you can see how participants of the workshops have an improved level of confidence by the end of the process.

Interact Arts Volunteer